Eco-SUP Initiative: Paddling Towards a Sustainable Future

At In2Adventures, our mission is to blend the thrill of adventure with our commitment to the environment. We believe in creating experiences that respect and enhance the natural beauty around us.

The Eco-SUP Initiative aims to transform our SUP community by introducing sustainable paddleboards, crafted from biodegradable materials. This initiative is not just about a product; it’s about fostering a movement towards eco-conscious marine recreation. The initiative is multi phased with a 360 approach to our products and community.

Over the years Sandy Bay has become a water-based hub and safe space for the community.  This community concept of In2adventures has branched off into forming a local Charity , which offers SUP and surf experiences for local people of all ages, genders, diverse cognitive and physical abilities, neurodiversity, and recipients of mental health services.

Watch this space for an amazing new Eco initiative.

Our Journey

In2adventures Limited was founded by Tom Cawthorn, a beach bum bursting with a passion for stand up paddle boarding and the ocean.

Starting as a side hustle in 2014, In2adventures introduced paddle boarding to Gibraltar. After relocating to our spiritual home at Sandy Bay in 2015 the business really took off, organising large corporate events, truly special SUP experiences and expert SUP training for recreational paddlers and for people wishing to improve their SUP ability.

We are pleased that we are Gibraltar’s stand up paddle boarding specialists. The core of our DNA is to inspire people to get into SUP safely and to have appreciation for the great outdoors, reconnect with nature, and to improve wellbeing.

We love nothing more to inspire others and to offer a high quality and truly memorable adventures exploring the rugged Gibraltar coastline.

Hanging out on the water with dolphins and providing fun adventures on the East side of Gibraltar. In2adventures has gone from strength to strength under the expertise of head instructor Jimmy Gracia with our activities expanding into abseiling, rock climbing and ziplines.

The future also looks super exciting with the advancement of In2EcoVentures Eco SUP initiatives.

Tom and Jimmy’s exploits have been featured in The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Stand Up Paddle Mag UK, GBC TV and Radio, The Guardian, Visit Gibraltar, Outside Magazine, The Metro and several blogs.

Eco SUP Initative

In2adventures has a real passion for protecting the environment. During the development of the In2EcoVentures project, these four guiding principles have always been our top priority:

  • Climate protection
  • Resource and energy use
  • Health protection
  • Ecosystem preservation

Our goal is to construct and use ecofriendly paddleboards. Along the way we want to raise awareness, to inspire and educate others to care for our amazing environment.

Meet the team

The amazing individuals who infuse our core values of fun, passion, professionalism, experience and more fun into every adventure.

"Let’s do our bit to help protect our amazing beaches, oceans, wildlife and the amazing Community we live in"